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Gode Humanitarian Coordination Taskforce Meetings (May 2012)

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Published on Thursday, 07 June 2012

Humanitarian Coordination Taskforce (Gode, Afder & Liben)

Meeting Minutes

17 May 2012

Health College, Gode


Present: Busuri Abdi (WASDA), Hadis Ahmed (WFP), Mohamed Khalifa (UNICEF), Fred Ponsar (MSFB),Abdirazak Haybe (MercyCorps), Fikre Getteneh (DRMFSS), Abukar Haji Ali (CHF), Abdirashid Salah(VSF), Pete Jones (Merlin), Ibrahim Sheikh Mohamed (SCUK), Yonas W/Selasie (ADRA), AhmedAbdirahman (SCUK), Mahamud Mahamed Hassen (SC-UK), Mohamed Rashid Abdurahman (DPPB),Abdi Ahmed (DPPB-Zonal EW and Response Coordinator), Abdirahman Ali (UNOCHA).

Chairperson: Abdi Ahmed Elmi (DPPB), Co-chair and scribe: Abdirahman Ali (UNOCHA)

1. Introduction, Presentation of Agenda & Adoption of Previous Minutes


  • The agenda and minutes of previous meeting were unanimously adopted without changes as a true record of Humanitarian Coordination Task Force Meeting for April 2012.

2. Review of action points


  • Merlin reported no measles outbreak in Hodan and Daraye kebeles Adadle Woreda. None existence

of measles case reported was also confirmed by zonal early coordinator who visited the area formonitoring purpose.

  • ADRA representative were not present to respond on the action point as they had to accompany their country director who was visiting project sites in Kalafo and Barey Woreda. Although the timeliness of the action point is obsolete, ADRA is still argued to give response on future water availability for Hargududo, fafto Boyo and Washaqo of kalafo woreda in the coming dry seasons.
  • Save the children UK, SOS and SAAD reported to have not undertaken discussion to resolveprinciples of child based interventions without doing any harm to children, while also abiding to the general child protection conventions.

Action Point:

1. Save the Children UK, SOS and SAAD to jointly discuss basic principles of child based interventions without doing any harm to children, while also abiding to the general child protection conventions.

3. Updates on Kalafo and Mustahil flood response, (WASH, Health and Nutrition and AFT),


Health and Nutrition

  1. In response to the flood affected area of Kalafo and Mustahil woredas, Health and Nutrition Cluster

Task Force members (UNICEF, Merlin and ADRA), analyzed the joint assessment report done byZonal Early Warning Coordinator, Save the Children and Merlin team members and found out thefollowing:

a. No diseases outbreak reported

b. No health facility damaged by the flood ,

c. ARTI cases were seen by the team

         2. UNICEF, Merlin and ADRA organized a comprehensive response meeting immediately after ICP meeting on 10th May 2012 and took the following actions:

      a. Merlin: Communicated and advised their team to relocated to Danyere sub-kebele of Budul main kebele in Mustahil woreda, while Darbane & Budul villages (affected) are operational

     sites for merlin teams in which they will continue to support the community starting from 11th May 2012 for two weeks,

       b. Similarly, Merlin was tasked to make ways of supporting Kunaso kebele of kalafo Woreda,

       c. ADRA: Already aware of the situation as they were part of the assessment team was tasked to focus in Fagug kebele of Mustahil Woreda which is also one of ADRA operational site. The team was tasked to continue supporting emergency health provision apart from the regular CMAM services, starting from 11th May 2012 for two weeks.

       d. ADRA was also tasked to assigned health support team to Las’ano, Galusbo, and Afwayntabari sub-kebeles of Kalafo Woreda starting from 11th May 2012 for two weeks:

3. Both agencies (Merlin and ADRA) are committed to provide support for flood affected community with available supplies in their stock at woreda level and send additional supplies as necessary. While United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UNICEF was tasked to provide additional supplies as required at any time. Hence the only gap identified during the meeting was LLITNs which was later provided by Save the Children UK (550 pieces of Mosquito nets),

4. In additional note, CHF and VSF-Swiss reported the existence of measles and chicken box diseases in Durdere of Abdi Haji Kebele and in Gode town respectively. Although the cases are not clinically proved, the information was agreed to be taken very serious and follow up action for noted.


5. In response to 2nd and 3rd May flooding that affected kebeles of Kalafo and Mustahil Woredas, WASH cluster taskforce lead UNICEF delivered water purifying chemicals and laundry soups to Kalafo Woreda. While Save the Children UK is ready to deliver 45000 sachets of water purifying chemicals (PURE), 8880 pieces of hand wash soaps, 734 pieces of 25 litre Jerry Cans, similar number of 10 liter Jerry Cans, 150 pieces of plastic washing basins, 450 plastic glasses, 600 pieces of plastic plates and 400 pieces of ORS.

6. The cluster task force reported current Gu rainfall to have alleviated chronic water shortages in most  parts of the three zones, although internal livestock migration has started as early as the beginning of  May 2012 which is an indication of poor Gu rain performance.

7. WASH cluster task force have updated their TOR and in the process of finalizing their contingency plan with inputs from member agencies as an initial preparedness for drought scenario.


8. In response to the floods, Agriculture taskforces members decided to initiate the activation of 5% PSNP emergency food at Mustahil and Kalafo woreda which the woredas have the mandate to request for its dispatches and distribution to flood affected communities. In relation to this, participants  of the meeting agreed to pursue with the Regional government on the activation of another 15% of PSNP emergency food allocation in case the first 5% is not sufficient to cover needs of 732  households.

9. Although the taskforce identified the need to distribute farm tools to flood affected communities, they found out that there is no immediate need to respond with farm tool and seed provision before  communities exhaust their coping mechanism.

10. Goat disease that leads to swelling of the mouth then death was reported in Malka Salah Kebele of Adadle Woreda. In response to this, the woreda livestock and agriculture office deployed a team of veterinarians to identify the kind of the disease and take both preventive and curative measures as  appropriate.


1. Merin to verify the existence of measles case in Durdere of Abdi Haji Kebele,

2. Gode Hospital with the support of UNICEF to also verify the existence of Chicken Box cases in Gode


3. WASH taskforce to convene ad-hoc meetings for its cluster taskforce members in order to inclusively contribute to the inputs of WASH taskforce contingency plan to be completed in the last week of May 2012.

4. WFP and Zonal Early Warning and Response Coordinator to closely work with Kalafo anf Mustahil Woreda administration in order to verify the need to activate 5% PSNP emergency food and act accordingly.

5. Save the Children to follow-up livestock disease reported in Adadle Woreda.

4. Gu rain performance


  • The onset of Gu rains was timely in all Woredas of Afder, Gode and Liban zones. However, the intensity and coverage was not uniform and the rains were characterised by long dry spell between rainy days and erratic in nature. However, the rains have alleviated chronic water shortages and            regenerated pasture for livestock. Internal pastoral migration to areas with relative rains is reported. Such movement is a typical indication of below normal performance of the season’s rainfall where pastoralists search for areas with better pasture and water that can bring about quick body recovery for their livestock.
  • Kalafo, Mustahil and Ferfer Woredas: northern and southern parts of Kalafo woreda received good rains while in the eastern and western parts received some showers. Mustahil Woreda and between Ferfer town and Gal-Cusbo kebele is reported to have received good rains forUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs two days while Barmagog and part of northern Ferfer receive very little showers that make villagers abandon their settlement.
  • In Gode and Adadle woredas, Gu rains performed very poor in the western part of Gode andsouthern and western parts of Adadle Woreda that depend on Birkas.
  • Danan and East Emay are reported to have not received good and is expected to be facing critical drought condition if rains are not received in the coming month of June 2012.
  • Afder and Liban zone are reported to have received generally good rains except in west Emay  and Raso new woreda that received inadequate rains.

Action Point:

1. Zonal Early Warning and Response coordinator and SCUK early warning officer supported by WASH taskforce members to identify areas that will require emergency water intervention during the Hagaa (July to September 2012) season.

5. Cluster task force preparedness and Actions


  • Cluster task forces based preparedness and actions were noted to be the best approach to face emergencies. In pursuant to this, existing taskforces have agreed to prepare cluster contingency plan and get is ready by June 15 2012.

6. AOB


  • MSF-B briefed HCTF meeting participants about the existing situation of East Emay:
  • End of April 2012 and beginning of May 2012, the woreda was hit by minor floods that affected some households whose home and crops were affected. Food security is the major issue that is of great concern after the floods damaged crops and relief food not distributed for the last  two months.
  • Water borne disease is feared though there is no reported case so far. WASH is one of the basic needs that is not covered. UNICEF was requested to provide water purifying chemicals and UNICEF responded positively and asked Woreda to request for it.
  • Measles cases are showing reducing trends from 43 case in Aril and 12 cases in May 2012.
  • MSF-B is attending server malnutrition and not moderate malnutrition case,

Action Point:

a. OCHA, Zonal EW and Response Coordinator and DRMFSS representative were tasked to follow-up with partners on assessment in East Emay



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